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The original kitchen had three different ceiling heights. The simplified tray ceiling with walnut beam detail unified the originally broken-up space and tied in the span of the island below
Tray ceiling with walnut beam detail
Careful attention was paid to intentionally  designing cabinetry that had the look and feel of furniture rather than “cabinets.” 
Kitchen cabinetry designed to look more like furniture
Customized doors and drawers accommodated integrated storage solutions that maintained a consistent visual appearance. Attaching furniture feet to the paneled dishwasher meant they had to be custom-cut to allow for the door to open properly.
Integrated storage solutions in kitchen
Custom door to conceal dishwasher
Hidden storage for kitchen utensils
Renovated kitchen opening to dining room for better entertaining space
Using a mix of cabinetry styles and finishes (painted and natural walnut) broke up the visual appearance of what could have been “walls of cabinets” and a “massive island.”
Painted and natural walnut cabinets used in a kitchen renovation
Glass door wall cabinets designed with integrated LED lighting on dimmers allowed the control of light levels to achieve that “perfect” look in displaying the homeowner’s bourbon, which was a priority in this kitchen renovation.
LED lighting on dimmers used in display cabinets
Custom cabinet for bourbon collection
Cremone bolt detail
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