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Essential Elements of a Modern Bathroom

In today’s modern bathrooms, we see spa-like spaces with lots of natural light and openness. Bulky storage is replaced with recessed shelving and cabinetry. Large format tile has replaced mosaics. Technology has also overtaken our bathrooms from exhaust fans with Alexa capabilities to ground effects around bathtubs to setting shower temperatures to precise degrees for the perfect shower experience at the touch of a button. Wallpaper is also back in a big way. Finally, universal design may be the common denominator among most of today’s modern bathrooms. Sunken garden tubs and Jacuzzis are being replaced with zero-entry showers with seating and free-standing bathtubs.

If you were to take the time to Google "modern spa-like baths" or "essential elements of a modern bathroom" over 52 million results would pop up. Today, we've narrowed down the essential elements. You're welcome! The bathrooms featured here, highlight many of the principles associated with today's modern, spa-like baths and provide the restful sanctuary we crave.

Streamlined Architecture

In the first bathroom featured above, we opened the space and streamlined the architecture. We modernized it by making it less stoic while keeping the stained glass and fireplace per the homeowner’s request. It’s an example of a modern renovation that encompassed the homeowner’s non-negotiables. A zero-entry shower was designed with the latest Kohler digital controls. The floor tile flowed seamlessly into the shower and the drain was incorporated into the tile making it almost invisible. Floating vanities with custom metalwork opened the floor and the tilework gave the illusion of an even bigger space.

Serene Sanctuary

The vaulted ceilings in this master bath were used to enhance the vanity area. The wallpaper, soft materials, and natural light all worked together to offer a serene sanctuary for the homeowners. Large format tiles, recessed storage, and spa-like surroundings have become key elements in today’s modern bathrooms as is evident here.

Attic to Master Retreat

An attic in a classic bungalow was converted into a master retreat. A wet room was incorporated into the bathroom and the room is saturated in natural light. Custom cabinetry and recessed storage streamline the look and feel of the space.

Essential Elements of a Modern Bathroom

Clean lines, soothing colors, larger tiles, contemporary lighting, wet rooms, wallpaper, and technology are all elements you can pull into your updated bathroom. We need spaces in which we can rewind and rest and creating a spa-like bathroom is one area of the home that can check all the boxes.

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