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This renovated kitchen in a 1920's farmhouse began with almost no prep space or room for modern appliances.
Porcelain Checkerboard Floor, Baking Table
Taking design cues from the original kitchen, like arches and built-in cabinetry, the final design captured the period and style of the existing home, yet produced a kitchen that was functional and allowed plenty of room for new "modern" appliances. 
Porcelain checkerboard floor, RH Lighting Fixtures, Arched Alcove for Stove
Renovated 1920s farmhouse, Farmhouse sink, Baking table
Samet 894.jpg
The design included removing a wall to gain additional square footage and eliminating a doorway that changed the traffic patterns and opened up extra wall space for much-needed storage. 
1920s Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation
Flowers provided by the CU flowerhouse.
Baking Table, RH Lighting Fixtures
A "baking table" was selected as the island instead of traditional cabinetry not only because it had a more authentic period look, but also to keep it feeling as open as possible in that small space. The table also gave the homeowner the option of moving it around as needed.
Baking Table, Porcelain Checkerboard Floor
A floor receptacle was installed so using appliances on the baking table would be possible without stretching a plug between the table and the wall.
Recessed shelves near stove
The wall sconces and pendants were not only appropriate to the home but also reflected the unique and eclectic style of the homeowner.
RH Gaslights, Moen Weymouth Faucet, Baking Table
RH Gaslight Lens Grand Sconce, Porcelain chekerboard floor, baking table
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