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Designers' Notebook

Timeless Spaces vs. Trendy Designs

Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen—From Low to High Cost

Creating a Backyard Oasis: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Fire…

Partnering Effectively with Your Design Team

A Guide to Incorporating High-Tech Features with Style

Elevate Your Shower Experience: The Future of Home Bathrooms

Harnessing the Power of Sunlight In Your Home

How Experience Design Can Transform Modern Living

The Keys and Benefits of Working with a Human Interior Designer

Transforming Bathrooms: Trends and Insights from Spectrum Design Group

A Homeowner’s Guide to Navigating Interior Design Costs

We Love It, We Can Afford It, But Should We?

Furniture Made for All Family Members

Classic Deviled Eggs

A Guide to Shopping for Art for Your Home

Transforming Our Dream Kitchen Into Reality

Unleash the Power of Your Interior Designer

Revolutionize Your Home with Smart Appliances

Why You Shouldn’t Cut Corners on Kitchen and Bathroom Essentials

The Value of a Good Interior Designer

Color Trends 2024: Elevate Your Home with the Hottest Hues

Embracing the Maximalist Movement: A Burst of Personality in Interior Design

The True Source of Inspiration in Interior Design: Nature’s Influence

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas: 12 Awesome Gadgets

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas: 11 Colors for Millwork

On the Tenth Day of Christmas: Ten Books to Read

On the Ninth Day of Christmas: Nine “Smart” Home Technology Options

On the Eighth Day of Christmas: The Ultimate Gift Guide

On the Seventh Day of Christmas: Seven Design Blogs to Read

On the Sixth Day of Christmas: Six Festive Cocktails

On the Fifth Day of Christmas: Five Holiday Wishes

On the Fourth Day of Christmas: Four Tips for a Successful…

On the Third Day of Christmas: Three Blogs Not to Miss

On the Second Day of Christmas: Two New Traditions

On the First Day of Christmas: One Room to Refresh

Embrace Unique Cabinetry Colors: Break Away from Boring White

Choosing the Kitchen Sink – Maybe not Exciting, but Important

A 1920s Kitchen Renovation: Where Functionality Meets Social Space

Essential Elements of a Modern Bathroom

14 Tips to Create Your Perfect Outdoor Living Space

How to Know if Hiring an Interior Design Firm is Right…

The Ins and Outs of Modern Wallpaper

Three Questions to Ask When Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Divine Intersections…Continued

Questions to Ask When Choosing an Interior Design Firm

Interior Design Inspired by Nature

Exterior Shutters Are More Often Wrong than Right

What To Do with Your Television

Wrapping up 2021: The SDG Story Continues

The Responsibilities of a Good Interior Designer and a Good Client

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