On the Tenth Day of Christmas, Spectrum Design Group Gives You: Ten Games

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, Spectrum Design Group Gives You: Ten Games, Nine Gifts, Eight Colors for 2021, Seven Holiday Movies (that should be made), Six Holiday Activities, Five Completed Projects, Four Recipes, Three Holiday Cocktails, Two Resolutions, and One New Website in a pear tree. Did you grow up in a family that was full of die-hard competitive board game champions (or losers)? Some of our favorite Holiday memories revolve around some classic board games that definitely made the below list. So, today we give you 10 Games to brighten your holiday…or create a family feud (don’t blame us)!   1. Scrabble. It’s a classic and has been around for ages. Not only does it offer some wordplay fun, but boy oh boy does it get interesting when you are being told ZA isn’t a word. It is by the way according to Scrabble. The meaning: a pizza. You’re welcome! Gather those 11 points on us! 2. Taboo. This one is all about guessing the word on the opponent team’s card without using the “buzzwords.” When you fail, expect it to get LOUD with that annoying little buzzer. The kids always love this job and that annoying uncle too! 3. Pop the Pig. This game is a toddler favorite and what makes it the best is the fact there are NO BATTERIES. The concept of the game is to roll a die and whatever color it lands on, you turn over the appropriate hamburger of that color, which is labeled with numbers from 1-4. You then have to press down the head of the pig that many times. If the pig POPS on your turn, you lose! It goes quickly which makes it a great candidate for small children.   4. What do you Meme? After the littles go to bed, bust out this adult game for guaranteed laughs. This one is definitely for 17+ and is perfect for at least three players. The more, the merrier on this. The goal is to match photo cards with caption cards to create the “best” meme. We ALL love a good meme, especially this year. We hear there is a kid’s version as well. May need to add this to the Christmas list!   5. Monopoly. You either love it or hate it. All you haters may love some of the new ones, ahem….“Monopoly, Sore Losers” or “Monopoly Cheaters Edition.” We are just kidding, but there are lots of different versions depending on your hobbies. The goal in this game is to not throw the game off the table and stomp out of the room. Oh, the real goal? That is to keep your money and avoid bankruptcy while making good choices along the way. 6. The Floor is Lava. Whether you grab the new boxed version of this game or use random objects around your home, this is a family favorite. If you haven’t checked out the tv show on Netflix, be sure to do that this Christmas break, I mean if you enjoy watching people fall. (who doesn’t?) The concept is to make it to the final landing without falling into the lava by jumping from landmark to landmark. 7. Shark Bite. This is another kid favorite! The shark is once again, not battery operated, which we love, and is spring loaded for all the sharky fun. The goal of this game is to reach into the shark’s open mouth and pull out a fish with a plastic fishing pole. You never know which fish will do the trick, but one will cause quite a bite! 8. Loteria (Mexican Bingo). This is a tradition in Dawn’s family and what makes it even more fun are the white elephant gifts the winner gets to choose when they win a round. The objects on the bingo cards are items such as La Sirena, El Mundo, and El Sol. Some of our favorites and lucky charms are the El Apache and El Valiente. The photos are bright and fun and it is sure to be a good time!   9. War. This one is a game that just doesn’t end. It goes on and on my friend. This classic card game is as simple as it can get. Both opponents turn over their card at the same time and the one with the larger value takes both cards and adds to the bottom of their pile. The one with all the cards at the end, wins. We encourage you to go back to Day 3 and make a good cocktail while you play this one!   10. Nerf Wars. We end our list with the one that trumps all. Nerf wars all day every day. You never quite grow out of the excitement that comes with running and hiding from flying Nerf darts. You also never stop finding them in the vents, on top of your kitchen cabinets, and behind the couch.