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On the Seventh Day of Christmas, SDG Gives You: Seven Holiday Movies (that should be made)

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, Spectrum Design Group Gives You: Seven Holiday Movies (that should be made), Six Holiday Activities, Five Completed Projects, Four Recipes, Three Holiday Cocktails, Two Resolutions, and One New Website in a pear tree.

Tis the season for Hallmark movies full of feel-good moments and predictability. For day seven, we give you the titles of seven holiday Hallmark movies that haven’t been made, (at least to our knowledge) but should. We’re pitching one of these titles to the DIY and Hallmark Networks for next season, so let us know your favorite!

1. Christmas Magic and the DIY Fail

Newly married couple, Peg and Don, are deep in a kitchen renovation which has their relationship and kitchen nearing disaster. Through a chain of mysterious events, a local radio station granting “Christmas Wishes” grants Don a ten-minute call with prison inmate Martha Stewart.

2. Quartz Countertops and a Gingerbread Romance

After a recent kitchen remodel, homeowner Candie Kane discovers her quartz countertops may have powers beyond a maintenance-free surface when Christmas baking takes an unexpected turn.

3. Pride, Prejudice, and the Pantry

Darcy and Lizzy meet for the first time at a mutual friend’s holiday party. When she retreats to the pantry for nutmeg, Lizzy is shocked to find Darcy waiting for her behind the canned goods. Nothing short of a classic English drama, both end up finding more than holiday cheer and figgy pudding.

4. Never Kiss a Contractor in a Christmas Sweater

Homeowner, Angel White, is at her wits end with renovation contractors working on her “dream kitchen.” With Christmas quickly approaching, the stress of the season only makes matters worse. On the brink of a nervous breakdown, everything changes when finish carpenter, Chris, shows up one morning wearing a Christmas sweater.

5. Do You Hear What I Hear in the Master Bath

With a Master Bath remodel on her Christmas wishlist, Samantha Claus takes matters into her own hands when her husband, Ebenezer, refuses to see the need for such an investment. An elaborate scheme to convince Ebenezer a remodel is needed quickly becomes more than Samantha can handle when strange noises from the master bath awaken them both in the middle of the night.

6. The Holly and Ivy Décor Confrontation

Just before leaving her studio on Christmas Eve, Interior designer Holly Greene receives a text from an old friend asking for her advice on a home project. What should have been a simple exchange entangles Holly in a holiday nightmare filled with crippling anxiety and rooms full of wall-stenciled ivy.

7. Deck the Halls with Shades of Gray

Just one week before hosting her entire family for Christmas, Anastasia Brown decides to give her suburban home a makeover. When visiting the local box store in search of the “right” gray paint color for her hallway, Anastasia does not realize the path her life will take after asking for assistance from paint associate Christian Black.

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Cory Interior Designer
Building his first treehouse at the age of eight, Cory has been interested in homes ever since. Many tents and treehouses later, Cory entered into the professional world of design working as a scenic designer in theater and a senior exhibit designer/art director in the museum and themed entertainment industry. Joining the SDG team has allowed Cory to channel his creative spirits back "home" for which he is thankful.

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