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Wrapping up 2021: The SDG Story Continues

After 2020, I never suspected we would return to “normal,” but I couldn’t have imagined a year like we’ve had. Despite what you may read, watch, or listen to, 2021 has been a remarkable, transformative year.

As the story of Spectrum Design Group continues to be written, I look back and marvel at how the firm has grown and evolved, especially over the past three years. This year required a lot of pivots, especially with labor shortages and supply chain issues. However, the biggest challenge was to find a way to scale up to meet the unprecedented demand, maintain our level of creativity, and improve the client experience, all at the same time. We’ve worked hard to refine our processes, improve communication, and manage ever-shifting expectations. Kara has worked diligently behind the scenes to help make these things happen.

I’m so proud of our body of work this year. While it takes much longer to get things done right now, the designs and execution have really been spectacular. Both Dawn and Cory have produced fantastic designs and made great friends in the process (we work with the best clients). We can’t wait to share photos over the coming months of the work we have in process.

Looking toward our future, I’m pleased to announce we’ve hired a new project manager, Renee Beere. In the month and a half she has been with us, she has jumped in already elevating our game. What a terrific addition to our SDG family!

I’m humbled to be surrounded by such an amazing team. They’ve poured their hearts into SDG every bit as much as I have. I’m also grateful for our clients who entrust us with their homes, offices, and properties. We want to be good stewards of your trust and give you our absolute best. We have many wonderful new clients who are patiently waiting, too, and I promise to make it worth the wait.

Walking through the unexpected disruptions of 2021 has positioned us for an amazing 2022. (Spoiler alert: 2022 marks Dawn’s 10th year at SDG!) As always, I’m looking forward with great expectation for the days ahead. Thanks for being a part of our story.

Cheers to 2022!


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Jeff Owner/Principal
Jeff Kaper is the owner/principal of Spectrum Design Group LLC. For over 30 years, he has helped his clients navigate the tension of form, function, budget, and disruption to create uniquely personal, enduring spaces to do life. He is a raving fan of the intrinsic joy good design brings to our daily lives. He also finds joy leading the SDG family and its story still being written.

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