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A Guide to Shopping for Art for Your Home

A Guide to Shopping for Art for Your HomeThe art that adorns your walls can transform your living space, infuse it with personality, and tell a story unique to you. But shopping for art can be overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you choose? Will it work in your home?

Dawn Bane, our designer and color strategist, has some options for you.

Shopping for Art: Where to Hunt

Minted: Personalized Art at Your Fingertips

The most common place to shop for art is at Minted, a great online company where you can look up different artists and buy prints. They are a treasure trove for art enthusiasts seeking creativity, customization, and convenience. 

Here’s what makes Minted a standout choice:

  • Diverse Artist Selection: Minted boasts a diverse community of independent artists with unique styles and perspectives. Whether you prefer modern abstracts, botanical prints, or vibrant landscapes, you’ll find something that resonates with you. 
  • Customization Options: One of Minted’s standout features is the ability to personalize your art. You can select the frame, color, and size and choose between a traditional print and a canvas-wrapped piece. This level of customization ensures that your art perfectly complements your home’s decor.
  • Quality Assurance: Minted takes pride in the quality of its art prints. Expect high-resolution, museum-quality prints that do justice to the artist’s original work.

Local Galleries: Discovering Authenticity and History

Local galleries are a great option, especially if our client wants an original piece, something a little older, or something more vintage.

The offer a unique and authentic art shopping experience.y Here’s why they are worth exploring:

  • Originality: Local galleries are an excellent source for original pieces created by emerging and established artists. Owning an original artwork supports local talent and adds a distinctive touch to your collection.
  • Personal Connection: Visiting a local gallery lets you connect with artists and gallery owners. You can learn about the inspiration behind the artworks, gain insights into their creative processes, and even commission custom pieces.
  • Vintage Finds: If you appreciate vintage or antique art, local galleries often feature curated selections that cater to collectors and connoisseurs.

Etsy: A Hub of Artistic Talent 

If you’re looking for photography, Etsy is a great solution because it has talented people.

Etsy, known for its artisanal and handmade goods, is a hidden gem when shopping for art. 

Here’s why Etsy deserves a place on your art hunt list:

  • Artistic Diversity: Etsy is home to a vast community of talented artists, photographers, and printmakers. You’ll find various styles and mediums, from abstract paintings to intricate photography.
  • Unique Offerings: Many Etsy sellers offer unique and unique pieces you won’t find elsewhere. It’s the perfect platform for those looking to make a statement with their art.
  • Personal Interaction: Etsy allows direct communication with artists and shop owners, providing a chance to discuss customizations, request additional information, or inquire about the availability of original works.
  • Budget-Friendly Options: Etsy offers a range of price points, making it accessible for art enthusiasts with varying budgets. You can also purchase digital downloads and print the art locally to save on shipping costs.

Shopping for Art

Shopping for art is an art in itself, and the journey to finding the perfect pieces can be just as enriching as the art itself. Whether you’re drawn to the customization options at Minted, the authenticity of local galleries, or the diverse talents on Etsy, there’s a world of artistic discovery waiting for you.

Ultimately, your chosen art should resonate with your soul, complement your living space, and evoke emotions that enhance your daily life.

The next time you shop for art, consider these three common options and don’t be afraid to explore beyond the mainstream. After all, the art you choose reflects your unique style and personality, and there’s no better way to make your space your own.

Happy art shopping!

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