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Interior Design Inspired by Nature

I love watching the color trends shift as we go into different seasons, not just physically but also emotionally. The changing of the seasons signals a transition not only in life, but also in design as much interior design is inspired by nature. This spring, especially, we welcome the revitalization of our surroundings. After a heavy few years, the world is embracing a calmness that is met with open arms.

Nature, Pastels, and Interior Design

Spring flowers bloom and windows open as we embrace this new season as homeowners. In 2022, colors used in the home trend towards pastels, and for good reason. Pastels bring together our deeply rooted connection with nature and our need for a cozy place to land at the end of the day with those we love most. Not only do lighter and softer colors provoke a tranquil feeling, but also, they can pair beautifully with existing woodwork. Pastels seem to lean more to the cool side of the spectrum. They invite the opportunity for existing warmer elements, such as wood floors or furnishings, to keep the space feeling balanced.

Farrow and Ball Masters the Natural Palette

One of my favorite paint and wallcovering lines to work with when seeking soft and muted colors is Farrow & Ball. Their colors feel sophisticated, and they have the most beautiful range of tones to choose from. When creating a palette for your home, an easy way to feel confident in your choices is to use different hues of the same colors throughout the space. I love a bold, saturated color for more intimate spaces, then by using a lighter tint of the same color in adjoining rooms, the home feels connected. Another bold way to use these lighter pastel tones is to paint out an entire room’s millwork the same color as the wall, maybe even the ceiling if you are going for something dramatic.

If you like your home more neutral in terms of wall color, pastels can easily be added through decorative items such as pillows, wallpaper, and throws. This will allow you to change it up seasonally or as your preferences change.

One of my current master bath designs has become a favorite because of the surprising place we added color. We’re painting the exterior of a clawfoot tub in the gorgeous Farrow & Ball color, Sulking Pink No. 295. The surrounding walls will be painted with Farrow & Ball’s Setting Plaster No. 231, which is a tint lighter. This room will be stunning. Stay tuned to see it come to life late this summer.

Pastels Aren’t Just for Walls

Pastels are also welcome through fixed applications such as cabinetry or backsplashes. We have had the pleasure of designing kitchen cabinetry with beautiful tones of pastel blues and greens. We love to bring in these delicate color choices. This allows the kitchen to retain its airiness, an aesthetic that so many hope to create in their home, while incorporating something other than white. With infinite color options on the market, we encourage you to work with your designer to ensure the hue is just right for your space.

Not all colors are as versatile as pastels, but pastels can be used in a home office just as easily as a bedroom because pastels have soothing properties that promote both focus and relaxation. With a seemingly renewed sense of importance this year in health and well-being in the home, pastels satisfy the desire for the peace and serenity often found in nature.

Interior Design Inspired by Nature

Nature is an important element when it comes to inspiration in the design world. I am certainly an interior designer inspired by nature. Pulling color from natural elements such as rock, genuine stones, and crystals is a great starting point to create a palette that brings the outside in. If you take the time to smell the roses this Spring, you may just be surprised how many pastels surround you every day.

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Dawn Interior Designer
Dawn has spent her life surrounded by a creative and artistic family who inspired her decision to pursue interior design at the young age of 16. She is a proud Iowa State Cyclone and remembers her college years pulling all-nighters in the design studio singing at the top of her lungs and drinking too much caffeine. Although her college days are long past, she continues to find much joy in the design process and thrives being surrounded by others who inspire her, such as her SDG work family. She treasures the relationships and friendships formed from working closely with clients and watching them fall in love with their homes all over again.

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