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On the Eighth Day of Christmas, Spectrum Design Group Gives You: Eight Colors for 2021

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, Spectrum Design Group Gives You: Eight Colors for 2021, Seven Holiday Movies (that should be made), Six Holiday Activities, Five Completed Projects, Four Recipes, Three Holiday Cocktails, Two Resolutions, and One New Website in a pear tree.

One thing this year brought us was an appreciation for spending time in nature. We took advantage of warm spring days and headed out for bike rides just to break up our “at home” orders.

Lunches were spent out on the porch soaking up the sunshine. We lived for those date nights outside eating on a patio at a local restaurant. When life around us seemed chaotic and uncontrollable, nature was always something that helped center us.

2021 Color Forecast

The 2021 color forecast is all about bringing the outside into our homes and spaces to help us feel the peace, comfort, and joy we feel outdoors.

We compiled our top eight picks from the experts at Behr, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Farrow and Ball. Our chosen colors all have a place in a home, whether that is through walls, ceilings, textiles, or accessories.

When it comes to color, we encourage you to try something new in 2021, and would love you to report back to us in the comments your favorites from our lineup!

#1. Behr Seaside Villa SC190-1

Why we love it: The subtle pink hue reminds us of the early sunrise. We love the warmer tones paired with natural woods and materials.

Behr Smoky White BWC-17

#2. Behr Smoky White BWC-17

Why we love it: You can’t go wrong with a good white in your home. This particular one brings through some pinkish and taupe tones that are sure to be a beautiful canvas to your furnishings and wall decor.

#3. Sherwin Williams Rosemary SW 6187

Why we love it: This deep green is the perfect shade to pair with both brown and grey. This makes it an easy addition to your home through an accent wall or accessories. We are loving it in a bedroom or a dining room to add just the right amount of drama.

#4. Sherwin Williams Jubilee SW 6248

Why we love it: This tone of blue makes a great neutral throughout your home. When you’re looking for something different than gray but not quite ready to invest in a bolder tone, jubilee is a great choice.

#5. Benjamin Moore Amazon Soil 2115-30

Why we love it: We love seeing the shift from the cooler tones we’ve seen trending over the last few years to warmer ones. This deep purple looks equally as beautiful in the light and in the shadows all while feeling elegant and elevated.

#6. Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal 2136-40

Why we love it: We love this one so much. Benjamin Moore made it their color of the year for 2021. OK, maybe that had nothing to do with us, but we surely agree. There is life to this color that is uplifting and motivating, yet serene at the same time. Its muted tone keeps it classic and less intimidating to use in bold ways, like full rooms or casework.

#7. Farrow & Ball Deep Reddish Brown

Why we love it: It is different and unexpected. This is a color that reminds us of Red Rock Canyon and adventure. We may love this one so much because we are itching to travel again. We would love to see this color brought in through textiles like area rugs, throw pillows, and accessories like vases and pots.

#8. Farrow & Ball India Yellow

Why we love it: This color screams sunshine, warmth, and joy. We’ve seen the marigold and mustard trends over the last few years, but we love the undertones of this F&B creation. This color stays true to the nature theme of 2021 as we reminisce about rolling fields, sunflowers, and the feelings that go along with that.

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Dawn Interior Designer
Dawn has spent her life surrounded by a creative and artistic family who inspired her decision to pursue interior design at the young age of 16. She is a proud Iowa State Cyclone and remembers her college years pulling all-nighters in the design studio singing at the top of her lungs and drinking too much caffeine. Although her college days are long past, she continues to find much joy in the design process and thrives being surrounded by others who inspire her, such as her SDG work family. She treasures the relationships and friendships formed from working closely with clients and watching them fall in love with their homes all over again.

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