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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Spectrum Design Group Gives You: 12 Must-Watch Holiday Movies

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Spectrum Design Group Gives You: 12 Must-Watch Holiday Movies, 11 Podcasts, 10 Games, Nine Gifts, Eight Colors for 2021, Seven Holiday Movies (that should be made), Six Holiday Activities, Five Completed Projects, Four Recipes, Three Holiday Cocktails, Two Resolutions, and One New Website in a pear tree.

One of the best ways to relax after a day at the office, handling all the kid’s class Zooms and schedules, and of course shopping and wrapping all those gifts is watching classic holiday movies. Each family probably has their favorites that are a MUST on their Christmas to-do list each year. Here are our TOP 12. Which one on our list is a must-watch for you? Which did we miss?

Holiday Movie List

1. DIE HARD. We have to start with this one because it is the only “true” Christmas movie according to Dawn’s husband. Here is a photo of one of the ornaments that lives front and center on their tree.

2. A Christmas Story. The lamp, the Ovaltine, the Red-Ryder bb gun… TBS usually plays this one on repeat Christmas Eve so don’t miss it!

3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. In case you didn’t know, SDG has a secret obsession with squirrels. We also have quite a sense of humor, so you can find Cory rattling off all the lines of this movie.

4. Home Alone. Did you know that the entire house is decorated on the inside in a red and green theme? Just something we designers noticed and made us love this movie even more. It has been fun introducing our younger kids to this movie over the last few years.

5. Love Actually. A Kara favorite, this one has a lot of familiar faces in the cast and follows eight very different couples as they navigate the holiday season together. Set in London, the accents make this romantic comedy even cuter.

6. Holiday Inn. Oh, you can’t beat Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby in this musical love triangle from the 40’s. This is where the song “White Christmas” originated and you will find the same star in #7.

7. White Christmas. Another Bing Crosby musical which is full of love and passion and reminds us of the magic of Christmas.
8. Elf. Will Farrell is known for his character, Buddy, the adopted human raised by elves. When he tries to locate his biological father, things get a bit nutty and hilarious. This is a family favorite.

9. Grinch. We couldn’t decide if we liked the Jim Carrey version or the cartoon better. Check them both out and let us know! The story of the Grinch is one that we love retelling to our kids and explaining the “heart” behind the holiday.

10. The Santa Clause. Tim Allen rocks his character of a divorced dad turned Santa. It is funny and light-hearted and I think we all need some more Tim the “Toolman” Taylor in our lives in 2020.

11. Jingle all the way. “I’ll be back”…oh, wrong movie. The Schwarzenegger plays the overworked dad who promises to get his son a very specific toy and will do ANYTHING to not break his promise. We don’t think you can go wrong watching Arnold, ever.

12. It’s a Wonderful Life. This movie isn’t exactly cheery the entire way through, but it ends with a sweet and important life lesson. (“Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.”)



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Dawn has spent her life surrounded by a creative and artistic family who inspired her decision to pursue interior design at the young age of 16. She is a proud Iowa State Cyclone and remembers her college years pulling all-nighters in the design studio singing at the top of her lungs and drinking too much caffeine. Although her college days are long past, she continues to find much joy in the design process and thrives being surrounded by others who inspire her, such as her SDG work family. She treasures the relationships and friendships formed from working closely with clients and watching them fall in love with their homes all over again.

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