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Pet-Friendly Furniture: Roux and Neko

My family adopted two miniature poodles this spring.

Meet Roux, the mild-mannered apricot-colored fluff ball who loves watching pet-focused reality TV, and Neko, his scrappy, dark-coated brother who has an insatiable zeal for treats and has never met a stranger.

This adorable pair has kept us on our toes and, for the first time in our lengthy pet-owning experience, convinced us that they should be allowed on the sofa.

We’re not sure if the stumpy tail wags, literal puppy-dog eyes, or the pleading of our kids convinced us this was a good idea. However, we are glad that, given the circumstances, we considered more than good looks last fall when we chose our new family room sofa.

Pet-Friendly Furniture Tips

If you, like us, share your home with four-legged family members, here are a few things you might remember when shopping for pet-friendly furniture:

  • Look for furniture with solid construction. If your pets (or kids!) launch on and off each day, flimsy furniture may need to be replaced sooner than anticipated.
  • Go with coated leather upholstery if you have a pet that sheds a lot. If constant lint rolling or vacuuming your upholstery, isn’t your idea of fun, fur doesn’t stick to coated leather!
  • If you prefer fabric upholstery, read up on pet-proof options. Velvet, chenille, microfiber, and outdoor fabrics are among the top performers.
  • Consider buying furniture the same color as your pet – for obvious reasons.
  • If you have cats, invest in multiple, sturdy scratch posts. Ensure they don’t move when your cat scratches them, and “train” your cat to use them by sprinkling them with cat nip. This doesn’t guarantee the cat won’t scratch the sofa, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

Of course, if you’re a dog owner, you could also train your pup to stay off the furniture, but really, who doesn’t want to snuggle into a poodle pile and watch some Lucky Dog?

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Renee Project Manager
Renee Beere has been helping Spectrum Design Group clients through their design and renovation projects since 2021. A project manager through and through, she enjoys every step of the design-build process from the first design meeting in a client's home through the final walkthrough at the end of construction. Renee strives to be a supportive member of the SDG team and a guide and advocate for SDG clients. She maintains close connections with the many talented tradespeople who make SDG's work shine. When not working on client projects, Renee muddles her way through DIY projects, reads classic novels and design magazines, runs slowly, and spends time with her family. She can't live without coffee. She can live without shutters.

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